The cost of periodontal treatment

When preventative care is no longer enough, periodontal treatment, or dental deep cleaning, may be the solution. No matter what you’re experiencing, we’ll keep you comfortable with affordable care.

How much does periodontal treatment cost?

Starting at $200 per quadrant

If you’re experiencing bad breath, sensitive teeth, red, swollen or bleeding gums, you may be experiencing gingivitis (gum disease). Schedule a checkup with your dentist today for an evaluation.

What affects periodontal treatment pricing?

Severity of infection

Pricing varies based on if your treatment plan recommends a partial or full-mouth cleaning. The extent of your treatment is key in helping you regain loss of tooth attachment, treat gum recession or prevent potential tooth loss.

Location of dentist

Your local office’s location may impact the overall cost of your checkup. Office fee schedules can be affected by the cost of rent and utilities, which may be higher in urban areas vs. rural areas. Check with your office for more details.

Insurance or financing

The cost of your care depends on whether or not you have dental insurance.

No insurance? No worries! Learn more about our insurance and financing solutions. We do not accept Medicaid.

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Your periodontal treatment questions answered

Do I really need a periodontal treatment on my teeth?

If your gums are showing signs of gum disease or excessive plaque buildup, your hygienist or dentist might diagnose a periodontal treatment. Periodontal treatments are very effective in treating gum disease, depending on the condition of your gums.

What is the cost of delaying treatment?

The longer you delay, the more severe your periodontal disease will become. Skipping treatment could require more intensive dental treatment which could impact your overall health and cost of treatments.

Does dental insurance cover periodontal treatment?

We work with most dental insurance providers and accept most major dental insurance plans. We do not accept Medicaid. Check with your provider to see what’s covered by your current plan.

If you don’t currently have dental insurance—no worries. We’ll connect you with third-party financing to ensure you get the care you need. Explore financing options and our Celebrate Dental Finance Plan.

To see which providers are accepted by your local Celebrate Dental office, visit their location page. We do not accept Medicaid.

Dental insurance providers accepted vary based on Celebrate Dental location.

How often should I go to the dentist?

Once every 6 months is good for most people, but some people with special conditions, such as periodontal disease, may need to see their dentist more often. Schedule an appointment to find out what’s best for you.

How Much Does a Dental Cleaning Cost?

A dental cleaning, also known as a prophylaxis, is a preventative procedure performed by a dental hygienist to clean your teeth and remove any plaque or tartar buildup. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on your teeth, and if not removed, can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. When it comes to dental cleanings, the cost can vary depending on a few different factors. The first is whether you have dental insurance which may cover some or all of the costs of a teeth cleaning. Many policies have an annual maximum for preventive care benefits, so check with your insurer or schedule an appointment with your dentist to find out how much coverage you have.

Another factor that can affect the cost of your dental cleaning is the location of the dental office. Generally, dental offices in major metropolitan areas will charge more for a teeth cleaning than those in smaller towns or rural areas, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find an office close to home. Many dental service providers, like Celebrate Dental, offer a host of affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments, complete with financing options available. Finally though, the cost of your dental cleaning may also depend on the type of cleaning you need.

Dental checkups are important for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Finding and cleaning built-up bacteria on your teeth over time reduces your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Regular dental cleanings aim to remove plaque and tartar, preventing these problems. Deep dental cleanings are a more intensive form of cleaning that is often recommended for people with or showings signs of gum disease. During a deep dental cleaning, the dentist will scale the teeth, which involves using a special tool to remove bacteria from above and below the gum line. The dentist will also flush the roots of the teeth with water or an antiseptic solution, which helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Deep dental cleanings can be uncomfortable, but they are often very effective in treating gum disease and can be completed relatively quickly, depending on the condition’s severity.

No matter how much your dental cleaning costs, it’s important to make sure you keep up with this important preventive care procedure. A teeth cleaning is vital to maintaining good oral health and can help prevent more serious and expensive problems down the road. Schedule an appointment at your nearest Celebrate Dental office today to learn how much a dental cleansing is.

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