Tooth filling costs for your smile

Your Celebrate Dental care team can make the cost of a dental filling affordable to you—so you can take your smile to its healthiest place.

What’s the average cost of a tooth filling?

The full cost of a dental filling ranges from $150 – $225 per filling.

Remember, fillings are for more than cavities. You may also need one to fix a chipped or worn tooth.

What affects how much a dental filling costs? 3 main factors affect the cost of dental fillings:

The number of cavities you have

The more cavities that need to be filled, the higher the cost for your dental filling session or sessions.

The materials used to fill a tooth

The type of dental filling material chosen also plays a role in the cost of dental fillings. At Celebrate Dental, a tooth-colored resin is the preferred material to use for your treatment.

The dental practice that you go to

The type of insurance you have and where it’s accepted can affect your out-of-pocket costs. So, too, can where you live, with prices for services varying between states.

Affordable tooth fillings, savers club

Plus, care that’s all under one roof to keep you smiling with confidence.

Can I afford the cost of a tooth filling?

At Celebrate Dental, we believe everyone deserves affordable dental care. You can rest easy knowing that your Celebrate Dental care team will work with you to deliver the care you need at a price you can afford. How can we help?

Dental financing solutions in minutes

Financing your care is easier than you think – in just 3 steps we can get you approved and start treatment the same day.

Save even more in 2024

No insurance? No worries. With our expanded savings plan, you’ll get more savings for only $15 per month—it’s just one more way we’re in your corner.

How much will your dental filling cost?

With tooth filling from Celebrate Dental, the cost of a dental filling is within your reach. So don’t put off care you need, find out how you can afford the cost of filling a tooth at Celebrate Dental.

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