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Getting the care you need starts with finding the solutions you want.

Dental financing is as easy as 1-2-3

One way we do anything to make you smile is by helping you find financing solutions for your dental care. You can even finance dentures, implants, braces, and Invisalign clear aligners.

Apply in office

You can apply quickly and securely during your office visit.

Pre-qualify in minutes

See your options within minutes—without impacting your credit.

Get approved

You could start your treatment the same day when you say yes.

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In House Financing & Care Credit Available

At Celebrate Dental, we strive for your total satisfaction, even with your financing solutions. The Celebrate Dental Patient Financing allows you to cancel your financing within 5 days of offer acceptance. You will still be responsible for any treatment costs already incurred. Simply call your local Celebrate Dental office for more information. That’s our promise.

More ways we make care affordable

Most insurance accepted

Celebrate Dental is an in-network provider for most major insurance carriers, including Delta Dental, United Healthcare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Humana. We will work with any out-of-network commercial insurance plan as well. We accept Medicaid. Call your local office to find out if we take your insurance.

Save even more in 2024

We believe that everyone should be able to receive high-quality dental care from a dentist they trust! That’s why we proudly offer in-house financing and incredible deals, such as our $20 new patient specials and $99/month braces special!

What else can we help with financing and insurance?

What is dental financing?

At Celebrate Dental, doing anything to make you smile means giving you payment plan options that work for your life. We vetted numerous lenders to find the best partners for our patients, all so that you can get great care from a team who will treat you well and financing from a lender who will treat you well too.

What types of dental financing are available?

You have a couple of options here. We can help you find the one that works best for your budget:

Loans with set monthly payments

Like traditional loans, these are loans for dental work that are based on money lent or given to another on the condition of repayment, typically based on a set number of months, or term of the loan. You are charged interest on the borrowed amount and can repay the loan at any time without any penalties.

Credit card, with a line of credit

Some of our lenders are credit card companies, that will offer a line of credit.

What if I have bad credit, or my credit score is not high?

At Celebrate Dental, we don’t focus on the past. We only care about doing anything to make you smile now and in the future. Your credit should not be an impediment to getting great oral healthcare. No credit? No worries. No credit checks. No interest. No kidding – we got you.

What insurance is accepted?

We accept most dental insurance carriers. To find out if your insurance is accepted, click “Your office” at the top of this page and ensure your office is selected. Once confirmed, select “Office Details” and scroll down to the “Insurance and Financing” tab. You will see the list of accepted insurance for that office. Celebrate Dental practices accept Medicaid.

Can I use my Medicare Advantage coverage?

Many Celebrate Dental offices do work with Medicare Advantage to cover certain services. Check with your local office to see if the services you need are covered.

What is principal and interest?

The principal is the amount you borrow. The interest sort of like paying rent on the money you borrow – the faster you pay off the loan, the less you pay overall.

What is “open to buy”?

Open to buy are the available funds on a line of credit. For example: if your line of credit was initially $4,000, and you charged $2,500 in services, then the open to buy (or, the balance) is $1,500.

What are credit scores, or FICO® scores?

A credit score tells lenders about your ability to be approved for credit (in other words, how likely you are to pay back a loan based on your credit history). It is calculated using the information in your credit reports. FICO scores, the standard for credit scores, typically range from 300-850. The higher the score, the lower the risk to lenders. A “good” credit score is one that’s in the 670-739 score range.

Will a prequalification affect my credit score?

No. Prequalification is merely the first step in our application process. It will not hurt your credit score.

Who is my dental financing lender?

Celebrate Dental offers in-house financing for orthodontics.  Celebrate Dental is not the lender for other treatments. Celebrate Dental has researched numerous lenders in the market for our patients. Whichever lender Celebrate Dental ultimately matches you with will be one that we vetted thoroughly. You’ll have full transparency on who your lender is at the time of application, as we will match you with the best one based on your situation.

What if I don’t want to use all of the money I was approved for?

At Celebrate Dental you are never under any obligation to accept a lender’s offer, even if you are qualified and have already started treatment. Getting you to smile means we give you access to credit and making sure it’s something you’re comfortable with. You’ll be given different financing options at the time of application. You’ll be in complete control when choosing whether or not to accept the offer. In addition, you’ll likely be given multiple choices on the terms to repay the loan, based on your needs.

What does "deferred interest" mean?

Deferred interest is when the financing plan has a period of zero interest – if you pay off the balance before this timeframe ends. If you can’t pay it in full by then, interest payments will be owed, often retroactively.

How will a personal loan affect my credit score?

Personal loans are a form of installment credit, whereas credit cards are considered revolving credit. Having both types of credit in your profile will strengthen your credit mix. To increase or maintain a good credit score, focus first on the top two most important factors: on-time payments and credit utilization.

What does the term of the financing option mean?

A term is the length of time you have to pay the loan back to the lender. Terms for dental financing typically vary from 12 to 60 months. The longer the term length, the lower monthly payments get.

Why Our Patients Love Us

My family has been coming to Celebrate for 3 years now for general dentistry and orthodontics & they are great. Our appointments are always on time. They’re affordable & have payment plans. The staff is helpful & everyone is kind. Highly recommend.

We have kids in every stage of orthodontics with this office (finished braces, still in braces, in phase 1 treatment, soon to start treatment) and we are happy with the care every one of them has received.

Coming to Celebrate Dental and Braces every month or so for the last few years means we’ve gotten to know most of the staff pretty well, and every single person has been awesome. It’s actually nice to check in for appointments and say hi to our “friends.” It’s so nice to walk into each appointment feeling relaxed and walk out smiling.

Not only are all of the doctors terrific, but the entire team is great to work with. The front desk is always friendly and helpful, billing manages to take the headache out of dealing with insurance, and the assistants are kind and great at what they do. Every member of the support staff has been easy to work with.

Can’t say enough good things about this office!

Absolutely love my results! They were thorough and listened to every concern I had and made sure I was completely satisfied upon the completion of my treatment with my PERFECT SMILE 😊 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOOOOOU

Great service, everyone explained the treatments well, great people. Very happy with my new smile 😁

The whole braces experience went pretty well I had no issues at all , truly happy with the results.

This office is great, all the staff is super friendly and helpful. We’ve had an awesome experience with them.

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