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Common Laser Dentistry Treatments

The dentists at Celebrate Dental & Braces can address everything from no-shot fillings and no-anesthesia dentistry to gum pigment removal, laser gum surgery and laser snoring treatment. If you are looking to relieve pain or restore your smile contact one of our four Las Vegas locations today.

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Your treatment will be supervised in person by a real Celebrate Dental laser dentist.

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Laser Dentistry Services For You

We’re here for you if shots, drills, and anesthesia give you anxiety. Celebrate Dental can help you find the right solution that brings relief—all in a compassionate, caring setting:

  • No-shot fillings: to eliminate the use of shots and drills with new laser technology.
  • No-anestesia dentistry: to avoid needles and the numbing process.
  • Gum pigment removal: to alter gum pigmentation.
  • Laser snoring treatment: to reduce or eliminate snoring.
  • Laser gum surgery: to combat gum disease/periodontitis.

Hate shots or drills? Try laser dentistry

Laser dentistry involves new technology to replace the need for shots, drills. These procedures help improve oral health and function. Common laser dental treatments include fillings, gum pigment removal and gum surgery.

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Fear of needles, tooth decay, gum disease, and sleep disorders are all reasons to seek laser dental services. Don’t wait, find a dentist’s office—or you can walk in today.

Laser dentistry

Following its approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), laser dentistry has, over the years, become a popular technique for improving tooth and gum health, functionality and appearance

Laser Dental Treatments

Here are some common types of laser dental care services:

  • No-shot fillings: With no shot, no drill laser fillings we use laser technology instead of old school Novocaine and dental drills to get your cavities taken care of. Because of the advancements in technology today we can use the no shot, no drill laser fillings to address 70% of cavity cases.
  • No-anestesia dentistry: to avoid needles and the numbing process.
  • Gum pigment removal: this procedure doesn’t actually involve bleach, but rather precision laser energy to quickly and painlessly correct darkening of the gums in just one visit! The procedure generally takes less than an hour and results can last up to 20 years.
  • Laser snoring treatment: is a fast, non-invasive way of increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep. A gentle laser light tightens soft tissue in the throat – improving airway volume and reducing snoring. The laser-induced tightening effect is caused by the contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue.
  • Laser gum surgery: In recent years, laser gum surgery has become more widespread for treating moderate to severe gum disease. Your doctor may recommend laser gum surgery in lieu of non-laser surgeries, such as gum flap surgery. Laser gum surgery may also be used for other dental procedures. These include gum contouring to address a gummy smile for cosmetic reasons.

Why Our Patients Love Us

My family has been coming to Celebrate for 3 years now for general dentistry and orthodontics & they are great. Our appointments are always on time. They’re affordable & have payment plans. The staff is helpful & everyone is kind. Highly recommend.

We have kids in every stage of orthodontics with this office (finished braces, still in braces, in phase 1 treatment, soon to start treatment) and we are happy with the care every one of them has received.

Coming to Celebrate Dental and Braces every month or so for the last few years means we’ve gotten to know most of the staff pretty well, and every single person has been awesome. It’s actually nice to check in for appointments and say hi to our “friends.” It’s so nice to walk into each appointment feeling relaxed and walk out smiling.

Not only are all of the doctors terrific, but the entire team is great to work with. The front desk is always friendly and helpful, billing manages to take the headache out of dealing with insurance, and the assistants are kind and great at what they do. Every member of the support staff has been easy to work with.

Can’t say enough good things about this office!

Absolutely love my results! They were thorough and listened to every concern I had and made sure I was completely satisfied upon the completion of my treatment with my PERFECT SMILE 😊 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOOOOOU

Great service, everyone explained the treatments well, great people. Very happy with my new smile 😁

The whole braces experience went pretty well I had no issues at all , truly happy with the results.

This office is great, all the staff is super friendly and helpful. We’ve had an awesome experience with them.

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